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Hi, my name is Mike Wiseman and I am the founder of

I am an SEO consultant that helps service-based businesses manage SEO in-house for the following industries:

  • Professional Services
  • Construction
  • Information Technology
  • SaaS

Over the years I have done SEO in various different capacities and environments. From SEO agencies, and full-time in-house roles, to consulting services.

This experience has blessed me with the opportunity to direct SEO strategies for hundreds of SEO campaigns, ranging from small businesses to international brands.

I started to help businesses bring SEO in-house, rather than outsource it.

I truly believe that businesses can get (conservatively speaking) twice the results for half the cost with the right SEO Strategy. 

And it can be managed in under 1 hour per week, or even less.

You can learn about how to bring SEO in-house here, or book a call to speak directly with me here.