We are a Toronto SEO company who help businesses

Rank #1 on Google,

Get Sales-Qualified Leads,

And Become the “Go To” Company in Toronto.

SEOStrategy.com’s proven SEO formula skyrockets businesses to the top of Google fast without paying for Google or Facebook Ads… and is backed by guaranteed results with over 200+ successful campaign


SEO Toronto

Ninja level SEO.

We use unique, custom-built tools and proprietary processes to give us the edge.

Win profitable, revenue-generating keywords. Quickly and easily win low-hanging fruit keywords Defend your business by understanding and counteracting your competitor’s strategy.

Higher ROI from better SEO – rank faster and better than the competition.

Quickly generate revenue by converting traffic you already get.

Drive leads from multiple sources (keywords).

Implement sitewide optimizations – a rising tide lifts all boats (keywords).

Advanced SEO that keeps your competitors at bay (and clueless).

Fast & cheap fixes that make a big impact on traffic and leads.

Win competitive keywords that actually make a difference to your business’s revenue.

Add fuel to the fire and run the SEO race at a faster pace than competitors.

Defend revenue-generating keywords against lousy, fly-by-night competitors.

Drive MQLs.

Educate & nurture potential customers.

Influence potential customers buying decisions.

Be everywhere. Stay top of mind.

Drive leads, and get sales from in and around the Greater Toronto Area.

Get & keep the phone ringing with a steady flow of leads from Google Maps.

Rank #1 on Google for your service in your city.

Do you want to rank #1 on Google?

Drive leads and increase sales using a proven SEO strategy, implemented and executed by a professional Toronto SEO Company.

  • Enterprise-grade SEO – Planned and executed by me personally.
  • Proven Formula – Use the exact playbook I used to generate over $10 million in lead value for businesses just like yours.
  • Communicate directly with me – not an account manager.
  • Fast results – I will increase your keyword rankings within 30 days or your money back.
  • Fair price – Get professional-grade SEO services for freelancer prices.
  • Guaranteed results – No bull****

Make today the last day your inferior competitor outranks your business.

Work with the best SEO company in Canada, but get one-on-one attention and support from me personally.

Mike Wiseman

Toronto SEO Expert

#1 SEO Company in Toronto

When it comes to growing your business’s revenue…

Your business, leadership team, or investors are depending on you to pick the right person for the job.

Yes, it’s true that SEO takes time. But, it better not take too long.

Your business must rank #1 on Google before it turns out to be a sunk cost. And your peers are keeping score.

Want to work with a professional Toronto SEO company that has generated 10’s millions of dollars in leads?

Do you want to work one-on-one with an actual Toronto SEO Expert?

Are you looking to get more customers and become the go-to company in your industry?

How about a proven SEO playbook that is strictly focused on driving sales-qualified leads for businesses just like yours?

Book a chat with me.

Book a Chat.

Talk to an actual SEO Expert, not a salesperson.

Pick my brain, and ask any questions.

SEO Services Toronto

Increase your website’s visibility, traffic, leads & sales.


SEO Audit

Analyze your website for quick fixes & immediate results.


Keyword Research

Identify keywords that ensure the highest ROI.


On-page Optimization

Better SEO than your competitors.


Local SEO

Rank #1 Google Maps and organic Search results in your city.


Link Building

Rank faster and secure your top keyword rankings.


Technical SEO

Advanced SEO that will leave your competitors clueless.

Get a Dedicated SEO Expert

No account managers. Get direct access to the SEO expert executing your SEO campaign.


Detailed SEO Reporting

Receive a thorough analysis, not just a SEO report.

Free SEO Training

Learn why we are doing the things we do.

Ask questions and receive answers. An educated client is the best type of client.

Professional Grade SEO Services

Advanced SEO that gets results quickly. Leave your competitors clueless in the dust.

SEO that is focused on driving leads and sales.

The Best SEO Company in Toronto

At SEOStrategy.com we strive to be Toronto’s best SEO company.

We are made up of a small, strategic team of experienced and esteemed SEO Experts.

When it comes to SEO for businesses in Toronto it is a game of inches.

Whether it is keyword research and analysis, on-page optimization, or link building we strive to be the best at what we do, leaving your competitors clueless.

We are not the prettiest SEO company in Toronto, but we are the most advanced.

We focus on the most important things, and execute on those like it’s no one’s business.

They are areas that we lack in, but it is more than made up for in our results.

If you are interested, book a chat with us today.

SEO Services That Focus On Lead Generation

Any SEO company in Toronto can increase traffic to your blog, or help you convert branded traffic that you already did the work to generate.

At SEOStrategy.com we specialize in driving sales-qualified leads for service based businesses.

Our #1 priority is to drive the highest quality leads in the shortest amount of time.

We help businesses like yours dominate Google in both the maps and organic search results.

We don’t work with e-commerce brands, or companies that want to increase traffic to their blog posts.

We generate leads your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I hire a Toronto SEO company or SEO Expert?

If you are looking for a (mediocre) all-in-one solution then you should work with a Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto.

If you’re OK with your website for now, but need to generate leads then you should work with a Toronto SEO expert.

If you want to communicate directly to the Toronto SEO expert in charge of your campaign rather than an inexperienced account manager juggling 30 clients than you should hire a SEO consultant.

90% of the clients I work with sought me out as their SEO consultant after already hiring an SEO agency or SEO company in the past but did not see results.

When it comes to finding the best Toronto SEO Company, you will quickly realize that an SEO Expert is a better choice.

Do you write content?

I am a terrible writer, I am the last person you want to write content for you.




I do work with a handful of experienced & well-respected writers.


I will admit, that it’s best that you (the industry expert) or someone on your team writes the content because you have a deep understanding of your product and services.


I can provide you with templates, checklists, and best SEO practices to follow. This will ensure that your content will perform well.


Or I can source an expert writer for your project.

How long does SEO take for Businesses in Toronto?

Recently (June 11, 2021 – August 2, 2021), I helped a really amazing client in Toronto get the #1 position for their most important keyword within 51 days.


Within those 51 days I also:

  • Increased leads by over 150% (from 24 to 61)
  • Increased conversion rate by 63% (From 3.8% to 6.2%)
  • Increased new users on the website (traffic) by 55% (From 632 to 984)


All that without spending a dime on ads, start to finish in 51 days.


Whether this client continues to work with me or not, they will bear the fruits of my SEO for many years, possibly even decades into the future.


Schedule a call with me to see the exact SEO playbook I used (and proof)..

How much does SEO cost?

Schedule a call with me and I will give you an answer very quickly.


It’s hard for me to answer this question without context, but I’ll try to give you an idea.


SEO for a local business is actually fairly cheap because it does not require the same amount of work as a national, or international SEO campaign. Local SEO packages generally range from $500-$3000 per month.


If your business has multiple locations and is targeting customers nationally or internationally then your website will require more research, strategy, content writing, link building, and technical SEO. This is where prices can vary.

Do you guarantee results?



I’m totally open to discussing expectations, KPIs, performance incentives/bonuses and guarantees.


Are you looking for the best SEO company in Toronto? Schedule a call.

Do you outsource SEO?

Absolutely NOT.


I take pride in my work. You will see, when you work with me you get my full attention.


Because I do the work by hand, I only take on a limited number of projects, my limit is 10 to be exact.


Because of this, I am very selective of who I take on as a client.


We have to be a good fit.




Being a good fit does not come down to you being willing to pay an arm and a leg, just FYI.