As a car dealership you you need to be very strategic in your keyword targeting.

You have to find keywords that large dealers and auto manufacturers do a poor job, or cannot target for various reasons.

With the right car dealership SEO strategy you can drastically increase your website’s organic traffic.

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Here are a few tips on SEO keywords for car dealerships:

Focus on local SEO keywords

As a car dealership you most likely operate within a specific city, or service area.

Aside from car sales, you probably also offer mechanical services and or auto body repair.

These keywords will be fruitful, and relatively easy to win.

Local SEO keywords are the most obvious keywords. Do not overlook them, as they will drive 80% of your leads.

Because of this there will be competition, especially if you operate within a metropolitan area.

However, I am not one to shy away from competitive keywords, and if you plan on being in business in 2,3,5 or even 10 years then there is no better time than now to start targeting difficult keywords.

Here’s how to find local SEO keywords for car dealerships:

1. Car Dealership SEO Keywords

Your most important local SEO keywords are simple to find:

In your case, it would look like this:

Include all the different ways someone would spell or find a dealership in your city.

Be sure to plug in all these variations into your keyword research tool.

From there we will begin to filter down the giant list of keywords

2. Used Cars SEO Keywords

A longer tail keyword you can target is specific types of used cars:

Not only can you target the type of vehicle, but the manufacturer as well:

These keywords should be targeted with your category pages, and they should be specific to 1 city.

You can expand your targeting to multiple cities by creating more pages.

Keep in mind that the more keywords you try to target the less likely they will all perform.

It is best to focus on a handful of keywords/pages that will drive leads and sales.

3. Auto Repair Keywords

The next type of keyword to target for your car dealership is the services that you provide.

Another type of keyword you can target is auto repair for specific brands:

Auto repair keywords should be targeted with pages.

Each keyword or type or service will have its own unique page.

4. Car Parts SEO Keywords

New & used car parts can be very lucrative keywords to target.

Final thoughts on Car Dealership Keywords

Picking the right keywords for your car dealership website is important but pretty simple.

It come’s down to the city you are servicing, the types and models of cars you are selling, and whether or not you offer auto repair or sell car parts.

You can scale up your keyword targeting by adding in more makes, models, types, services, and car parts.

Find angles that large competitors are weak and start there.

Don’t shy away from competitors if you are in it for the long term.

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