Get construction leads by using the 5th tip shared in this guide.

The strategy works like magic and not many construction companies know how to use it correctly.

If you integrate an SEO marketing strategy into your lead generation campaigns, you’re bound to get meaningful results.

The best part is?

The other tips in this guide are just as “lethal,” actionable, and straightforward to implement.

Here are seven lead generation strategies that are guaranteed to generate potential customers for your construction company.

1. Offer a free tool

Your target leads have construction projects lined up. 

They have several questions in their head, like: 

Bring them into your lead generation funnel by providing free tools that address these questions. 

Hireandbuild, for example, has a detailed construction cost calculator on its website.

construction cost calculator tool for generating leads

A free cost calculator answers one of the key questions construction leads have before converting.

Since you helped them with this step of their buyer journey, they’ll be more receptive to your value propositions. 

Double down with an on-site booking calendar to help them take the next step. 

Most construction businesses have their own take on streamlining online bookings. 

If you’re using WordPress, keep it simple with booking calendar plugins. 

Tip: Consider requiring your audience to create an account on your website before they can access your free tools.  

Apart from free cost calculators and booking tools, below are other tool ideas you can use to hook construction project leads: 

2. Get listed in niche directories

Listing your construction business in niche directories not only helps with SEO for contractors

Some directory websites also offer a robust lineup of marketing features to help you win more construction leads. 

Houzz, for example, provides Pro users with tools for invoice management, floor planning, email marketing, CRM, and more: 

construction niche directories

Where else can you get listed?

Maximize your online visibility by getting listed on as many niche directories as you can. 

Some examples are:

The exact registration process varies per platform, but it usually requires the submission of your business information. 

For example, on ContractorHub, simply fill in the required information to get listed. 

contractor hub

After getting listed, your business will appear on their contractor directory—ready to pull in commercial and residential construction leads. 

contractor directory

The best part about niche directories is, people use them when they’re ready to hire someone. 

Be sure your contact information is correct and up-to-date. 

It’s also ideal to build a professional-looking website with a showcase of your previous projects. 

Gain the trust of your construction leads by featuring high-resolution images and positive reviews from past clients.

3. Offer free consultations

Give your audience an option to book a free consultation to accelerate your lead generation. 

Free consultations not only provide your audience to discover solutions to their problems without spending a cent. 

On the flip side, they give you the opportunity to prove your expertise, convey your unique selling points, and propose ideas that perfectly suit your prospect’s goals and budget. 

You have your prospect’s undivided attention during the consultation—don’t waste it. 

How to offer free consultations for construction lead generation

To maximize the efficiency of online consultations, have prospects provide as much information about their project before the call. 

Gill Construction Solutions, for instance, requires leads to upload a video of their project area along with a brief description of their remodeling idea. 

construction lead generation

Below are a few things to keep in mind when providing free consultations for lead generation: 

4. Offer case studies 

Create case studies, white papers, and other data-driven information to generate commercial construction leads. 

Commercial clients care about the numbers just as much as you do. 

They want the hard, verifiable figures on how they can benefit from your services—financially and logistics-wise. 

Case studies give leads a glimpse of what your construction services can do for them. 

Creating a captivating case study

Other than the client’s background and project details, Identify KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that prospective clients can relate to. 

This includes cost savings, project completion time savings, revenue per labor hour, unit sales, and more. 

Here’s an example case study from Martines Palmeiro Construction: 

construction project case study

Your case study can be packaged as a blog post, web page, or downloadable PDF. 

Construction companies generally offer them for free to build their authority and buyer confidence. 

Alternatively, you can offer case studies (or white papers, industry reports, and eBooks) as lead magnets. 

These are designed to encourage prospects to subscribe to your email list.

Take a page out of our SEO playbook and use CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) practices to get more clicks over time. 

Split testing is the bread and butter of most CRO campaigns, which involves simultaneously running and analyzing multiple versions of the same page. 

Compare the performance of variations to determine which optimizations have a positive effect on conversions. 

Below are more tips to use data-driven content for lead generation: 

5. Put a premium on local SEO

Use local SEO strategies to make your construction business visible to people near you. 

Local SEO involves practices that improve your website’s visibility in local search results. 

Unlike national/global SEO which focuses on reaching as many people as possible, local SEO specifically prioritizes a local market. 

For example, “construction services San Angelo” is a local search query.

local seo for construction companies

The top results consist of directories, review platforms, and—of course—local business websites. 

In most cases, local searches also generate the “Local Pack” search feature. 

local pack for construction company

Landing one of the top three positions—or a rich placement—is the goal of most construction companies. 

To appear in these search results, you need to implement local SEO strategies, like targeting local keywords, getting listed in directories, optimizing for rich results, and creating social media business pages. 

Finding local keywords with Semrush

Semrush is a popular online visibility management platform. 

It features one of the most trusted keyword research tools in the SEO industry: Keyword Magic Tool. 

Fire up the tool from the Semrush dashboard and begin your search by entering a seed keyword. 

Be sure to pick your target country in the drop-down menu beside the ‘Search’ button.

Semrush keyword magic tool

Keyword Magic Tool generates a list of viable long-tail keyword suggestions based on your seed keyword. 

It also includes keyword metrics to help you pick the right keywords for your SEO campaign, including search volume, user intent, and keyword difficulty. 

Here are Keyword Magic Tool’s suggestions for the seed keyword “construction services”: 

construction services keywords

You can easily turn these ideas into local keywords by adding a keyword modifier tied to your business location. 

For example, if your business is based out of Austin, literally just add “Austin” next to your target keyword, like: 

Use Keyword Magic Tool’s filter feature to discover more specific local keywords for your city. 

In the filter toolbar, click ‘Include keywords’ and type in the local keyword modifiers you want to use. 

You may also enter commercial and transactional intent modifiers to find keywords prospective customers use, like “services,” “price,” and “hire.” 

Don’t forget to select ‘Any keywords’ to prompt Keyword Magic Tool to include suggestions with any combination of these terms. 

Click ‘Apply’ to populate the list of keyword suggestions with local keyword ideas.

Pick keywords that include your target location—these are the keywords you should optimize for if you want to appear in local search results. 

Use the keyword panel on the left to find these keywords. 

local SEO keywords

Here are additional tips to find profitable local keywords for SEO: 

Keyword research is just a piece of a successful SEO strategy for construction businesses.

You also need to conduct on-page optimization tactics, like: 

…and off-page optimization strategies like: 

6. Forge referral partnerships

Forging strategic partnerships with real estate agents do wonders for your construction business’s reputation and lead generation performance. 

Realtors can leverage their selling skills to bring clients to your doorstep. 

But first, you need to make the first move. 

Contact the brokers you want to work with and book an appointment—or, visit their open house event. 

Better yet, build relationships first by reaching out to your prospective partners on LinkedIn. 

Finding potential referral partners through LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn’s built-in search tool to find realtors in your area (remember to use filters and the right search keywords—”real estate broker” should be fine). 

find construction leads using LinkedIn

Reaching out to potential partners directly and being upfront with your proposal works on LinkedIn. 

After all, LinkedIn users sign up to expand their professional networks and leverage new connections to find growth opportunities. 

High-value realtors, however, are more cautious when making recommendations. 

Let them know that you’re worth their while by optimizing your LinkedIn profile: 

Referral marketing with past clients

If you’re struggling to convince real estate brokers to work with you, look into your existing customer base. 

Run a referral program that rewards them for every new customer they bring to your business.

You can offer them cash, a commission, discounts, or raffle entries for each referral. 

To manage referral partners en masse, invest in referral marketing software like Referral Factory and ReferralCandy. 

7. Invest in reputation management

Make your construction business more appealing to prospects by building a positive reputation online. 

Start by establishing a presence on popular platforms that allow customer reviews, like Facebook and Google Business Profile

Also consider registering your business on contractor review sites like HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack. 

Clients who find you through these channels are likely to leave a review after a project’s completion. 

Of course, a good amount of glowing reviews will also lure in high-value leads who are particular about the companies they work with. 

reputation management for construction companies

How to get more reviews for your construction business

Here are ways to manage online reviews for your construction business: 

Find construction leads with SEO trade secrets

Lead generation and SEO go hand in hand.

Organic search rankings give you recurring, targeted traffic—the lifeblood of any lead-generation campaign. 

It takes time to get results, but when it does, you don’t need constant intervention and action to bring leads to your website. 

Book a call here to unlock your construction website’s potential through proven SEO techniques.  

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