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SEO Strategy for Healthcare Businesses

Are you looking to drive leads and increase for your healthcare company?

Whether you are a:

  • medical device manufacturer
  • healthcare provider
  • physician
  • doctor
  • healthcare IT solutions provider

We will show you how to use SEO to drive leads and increase sales for your healthcare company.

What is Healthcare SEO?

Healthcare SEO is the process of increasing your healthcare business’s visibility on Google.

The goal is to increase leads and drive sales for the company using Google.

Healthcare SEO pairs SEO & content marketing to drive traffic to your website that consists of a healthcare buyer persona.

Healthcare SEO Strategy

A healthcare SEO strategy contains a few basic concepts:

  • lead generation
  • content marketing
  • conversion rate optimization
  • lead nurturing

Although the above list extends peyond SEO per say, the above items directly affect the performance of a healthcare SEO strategy.

How to do SEO for Healthcare

When it comes to implementing a healthcare SEO strategy you need to focus on 4 things:

1. Keyword Research

Finding the right SEO keywords for healthcare search engine optimization will determine the success, and ROI of the healthcare SEO campaign.

Using a keyword research tool, find the keywords that your healthcare buyer persona would use to find a solution that you offer.

After brainstorming your ideas, use a keyword research tool to analyze your direct competitors.

Find out what content performs the best in search while being likely to convert cold traffic to warm or hot leads.

2. On-page Optimization For Healthcare Websites

On-page optimization is simple.

Use your keyword research to influence the following on-page SEO optimization signals:

  • Title Fags
  • H1 Fags
  • H2-H6 Fags
  • Content / Keywords / LSI / Google Entities
  • Internal Links
  • Image Filenames
  • Image Alt Text
  • Schema Data

Use a SEO strategy template to help you organize your keyword research, and plan your SEO strategy.

3. Local SEO for Healthcare Businesses

When it comes to healthcare marketing and lead generation, local SEO plays an integral role.

Most healthcare providers are serving a local market.

This means you can leverage Google Business & Google Maps to drive leads for your healthcare business.

Here is how to increase your rankings on Google maps:

  • Create a Google Business profile
  • Optimize your Google Business profile to completion
  • Create a Google Website
  • Link your Google Business profile to your website
  • Add schema data to your website (specific to healthcare if possible)
  • Submit your business to healthcare directories

4. Link Building For Healthcare Websites

When it comes to driving leads and sales for your healthcare business from Google, this is where the rubber meets the road.

(contrary to popular belief)

If you do not build backlinks to your most important pages, those pages will not be visible on Google.

Use the following link building strategies to ramp up your healthcare SEO strategy.

  • Local Directories
  • Niche Specific Directories
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Physician / Doctor Profiles
  • Guest Posts
  • Statistics
  • Resource Links
  • Expert Roundups

Admittedly, link building can be a (difficult) resource intensive process.

If you need help with link building for your healthcare SEO strategy, book a call with me.

Finals Thoughts on Healthcare SEO

Healthcare SEO is simple, yet a pain to execute.

If you need help executing a professional healthcare SEO strategy that is guaranteed to increase traffic, leads, and sales then book a call with me.

Good luck.

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