Keyword Modifiers

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Keyword research tools are great for finding opportunities for you to increase visibility in Google.


Often times keyword tools can be overkill, giving you thousands or even millions of keywords to sift through.

With the plethora of keywords to target, how do you find the right ones for your business?

This is where keyword modifiers come in.

Use modifiers when conducting extensive keyword research to make the job easier.

What are keyword modifiers?

Keyword modifiers instantly change the search intent of a search query. They make seed keywords more specific and viable for local businesses.

What’s awesome about keyword modifiers is they’re easy to use.

Below are examples (seed keyword + keyword modifier):

  • Construction + company
  • Construction + services
  • Construction + costs

Note: Don’t include ‘+’ in your research, this is for demonstration purposes.

What are the different types of keyword modifiers?

Keyword modifiers can be categorized into different types based on search intent:

  • Informational – Looking for information on a specific topic
  • Navigational – Looking for a specific website or web page.
  • Commercial – Considering making a purchase.
  • Transactional – the searcher is ready to make a purchase.

See the keyword modifier list.

How to use keyword modifiers

Your target cities or service areas can be used as keyword modifiers to find valuable keywords:

  • Construction NYC
  • Construction Austin
  • Construction Chattanooga

You can also break down your seed keyword into more specific keywords about your industry, products, or services: 

  • Preconstruction services
  • Subcontracting services
  • Construction site evaluation
  • Building information modeling services
  • Construction management services

To increase visibility on google search results, use your keywords to create content that generates potential leads: 

  • How to find preconstruction services near me?
  • How much do construction management services cost?

Use these local SEO strategies to come up with commercial intent keywords for your construction services site.

Keyword Modifier List

Transactional – the searcher is ready to make a purchase.

Transactional intent keyword modifier list for a homepage, product page, or service page:

  • company
  • companies
  • service
  • services
  • solution
  • solutions
  • agent
  • agency
  • agencies
  • consultant
  • consultants
  • consulting
  • expert
  • experts
  • quote
  • quotes
  • book
  • booking
  • coupon code
  • for sale
  • online

Commercial – Considering making a purchase

Commercial intent keyword list for reviews, comparisons, features, benefits

  • review
  • reviews
  • vs
  • comparison
  • benefits
  • features

Navigational – Looking for a specific website or web page.

Navigational intent keyword modifier list for web portals/logins, career pages, team pages, etc.

  • login
  • app
  • jobs
  • careers
  • return
  • policy

Informational – Looking for information on a specific topic

Informational intent keyword modifier list for blog posts, whitepapers, webinars, case studies, resources, etc.

  • who
  • what
  • where
  • when
  • why
  • how
  • example
  • list
  • best practices
  • checklist
  • whitepaper
  • pdf
  • ppt
  • excel
  • google sheet
  • spreadsheet

Final Thoughts on Keyword Modifiers

Keyword modifiers help make keyword research easier.

They help you filter your keyword list down to the most valuable keywords for your business.

Without keyword modifiers, keyword research would be a daunting task consisting of hours sorting through lists of keywords.

Use keyword modifiers to narrow down your keyword list of keywords that will drive leads and sales for your business.