A keyword research report presents keywords, and organizes it in one place.

Without a keyword research report it is would be hard to present your research to stakeholders.

The last thing you need is to fail to highlight the opportunities from you keyword research.

When I speak to SEO consultants and marketers, I often hear the same things:

Keyword research tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush, or Moz give you all the keyword research data but they lack features to help you present your keyword research.

keyword research report will help you identify the keyword gaps, and opportunities in order to get stakeholders bought in to your SEO strategy.

How to use our keyword research report

Follow the steps below to present your keyword research to stakeholders.

1. Competitor Analysis / Contrast

Our keyword research report compares your website to your top competitors.

We contrast the following metrics:

2. Low Hanging Fruit (Quick Keyword Opportunities)

In the keyword research report we highlight the best keyword opportunities that can be quickly improved.

To do this we find keywords that are ranking in positions #3-#20.

From our experience you can use one of 2 methods (preferrably both) in quickly increase keyword rankings, traffic, and leads:

Combining these 2 SEO strategies quickly and effectively increases visibility on Google.

3. Keyword Gaps

Contrasting the keywords that your competitors rank for vs what you rank for often times drives the point of SEO home for stakeholders.

You can quickly and easily highlight how and where competitors are getting their traffic from, the value of that traffic, and an approximation of the conversions and leads they get from that content.

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What’s included in our keyword research report?

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Final thoughts on our keyword research report

The opportunities to increase your website’s visibility and organic traffic through keyword research & content marketing are almost endless.

Because of the vast opportunities it’s important to prioritize and run a keyword cost-benefit analysis.

Not only is it crucial to plan your SEO strategy upfront, it is even more important budget the time and resources that are necessary to achieve your goals (and deliver a ROI).

Our keyword research report will give you a step by step SEO plan to execute the most efficient and effective keyword research for your business.

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