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Photography SEO Keywords

As a photographer you are technically savvy enough to do your own SEO, or at least figure it out.

I’ll be honest, for most photographers hiring a SEO company or outsourcing SEO is not the right move.

With the right strategy, direction, network and expert feedback you could easily implement an advanced SEO strategy that would absolutely blow up your photography business.

If you have an extra 1-2 hours per week to manage your own SEO campaign I highly recommend you check out my SEO course. I have no shame in plugging it to you specifically, it could literally change your life.

Here are a few tips on SEO keywords for photographers:

Focus on local SEO keywords

As a photographer (I am generalizing here) you most likely operate within a specific service area / radius.

If you have niched down, are extremely talented in one specific type of photography, and you travel for your jobs then there is a section below just for you.

Local SEO keywords are the most obvious keywords. Do not overlook them, as they will drive 80% of your leads.

Because of this there will be competition, especially if you operate within a metropolitan area.

However, I am not one to shy away from competition, and if you plan on being in business in 2,3,5 or even 10 years then there is no better time then to start right now.

Here’s how to find local SEO keywords for photographers:

1. Local SEO Keyword Formula

Local SEO keywords derive from a very simple formula:

  • seed keyword + local keyword modifier

In your case, it would look like this:

photographer + {City}

2. Include synonyms and seed keyword variations

Include all the different ways someone would spell or find a photographer.

  • photography
  • photographer
  • photographers

Be sure to plug in all these variations into your keyword research tool.

From there we will begin to filter down the giant list of keywords

3. Filter your list with a local keyword modifier

If you enter the following seed keywords in to a keyword research tool you will be met with millions of keywords:

  • photography
  • photographer
  • photographers

You do not want to target millions of keywords.

You need to filter the results down using a local “keyword modifier”, which is the city or cities that you operate within.

This will narrow the list down to a handful of keywords.

Keywords for a specific a photography niche or style

Similarly to the above process, use keyword modifiers to narrow down keywords that are specific to the types, styles, or niches or photography that you offer.

This is only if you actually specialize in a specific style of photography.

The keyword modifiers could be:

  • Portraits
  • Professional
  • Passport
  • LinkedIn
  • Social Media

Photography Keywords specific to industries

These types of keywords may or may not be specific to a local area.

To determine this you need to search the keyword in Google and analyze the results.

If the Google search results page is displaying a Google Maps section, and is only showing local photographers/agencies then you know it is a local keyword.

  • Corporate
  • Sports
  • Beauty
  • Food
  • Retail
  • Ecommerce

There are problem many more that I am missing, use your head, get creative.

In the case that Google’s search results page for the specific keyword is not local, expect to receive website traffic from all over the country, or even the world.

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